Tooling Support Group is here to support our End Users, Distributors, and Manufacturers.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in growing your sales or improving your productivity.

for the End User

  • Consistent availability for help with technical applications

  • Product training to support end user personnel

  • Intermediary communication with distributors and manufacturers to assist with both new orders and existing orders

for the Distributor

  • Joint sales calls focusing on technical applications and product selection

  • Independent sales calls representing distributors in the marketplace

  • Product training to support distributor personnel

  • Product testing and documented cost savings

for the Manufacturer

  • Dedicated sales time at end user locations establishing product applications at the spindle to represent our manufacturers in the strongest way possible

  • Familiarity with the marketplace, ¬†resulting in strategic design of a distributor network for each geographic territory

  • Attendance at trade shows, distributor open houses, and machine tool builder events on behalf of our manufacturers