About Us

Tooling Support Group Manufacturers' Representatives


Cutting Tools

  • Indexable Inserts
  • Combined Drills and Countersinks
  • Drills
  • Taps
  • End Mills

Tool Holders

  • End Mill Holders
  • Collet Holders
  • Milling Chucks
  • Boring Bars

Work Holdings

  • Chucks
  • Centers
  • Steady Rests


Hand Tools

  • Tool Storage
  • Sockets
  • Wrenches
  • StrikingTools
  • Pneumatic Tools


  • Flap Disks
  • Flap Wheels
  • Spiral Bands
  • Surface Conditioning Pads

Diamond Saw Blades

  • High Speed Blades
  • Masonry Blades
  • Tuck Point Blades
  • Core Bits

Trade Shows

Tooling Support Group supports our manufacturers by participating in local and regional trade show such as the PMPA and AMTS shows, along with distributor open houses.

Distributor Training

Tooling Support Group develops high quality training programs for end user and distributor personnel, focusing on both inside and outside sales forces at the distributor location. We will develop training information for new product launches.

Documented Cost Savings

Tooling Support Group believes in documenting cost savings developed for their customers, providing value to both distributors and end users. This documented cost program was a contributing factor when Tooling Support Group became the first rep firm to become an ISA value-added partner and the first rep firm to be named the American Eagle Award recipient.

End User Technical Support

Tooling Support Group provides end user technical support through two primary channels:

  1. Formalized training in a classroom setting focusing on specific products or product lines.
  2. Hands-on training demonstrating the proper and safe use of a product while simultaneously evaluating the effectiveness of the application.

Customized Sales and Marketing

Tooling Support Group produces and prints customized sales brochures for distributor promotions, participating in promotion development and presentation as requested by the distributor.